About us

Sky-Hype is the global real estate portal that allows brokers and private individuals to publish and advertise their properties not only locally, but internationally. The listing of real estate on Sky-Hype.com is free and unlimited for private and commercial

Sky-Hype benefits

  • Uncomplicated and free, advertise worldwide
  • White label broker pages on which you can showcase your properties.
  • Easily import data from applications that support export to OpenImmo XML / IS24 (coming soon)
  • Local real estate market for rental and sale within your country.
  • Access to private and professional investors from all over the world.

How does Sky-Hype fund itself?

Sky-Hype is financed almost exclusively by advertising revenues. In addition, we assist our brokers, among other things, in arranging real estate for foreign, foreign-speaking investors.

Additional services

  • Professional support for sales of properties to foreign investors
  • Placing property under the section "Revenues" with a special search mask for investors
  • Support for marketing through our Sky-Hype Newsletter, on social media and in the Sky-Hype community
  • Entering and cleaning large real estate stocks from Excel table and old databases
  • Professional translation of your advertisements, in any number of languages (otherwise: Google Translate)

What distinguishes Sky-Hype from other, local portals?

Sky-Hype allows you to showcase your real estate to a local and international audience, free of charge, in any number of languages. Unlike the use of country-specific pages, you can reach a much wider audience, regardless of your country and language.